Joe Gately


"Gately brings Walter's flashes of insight a real presence as Walter grows into a human being rather than a corporate monster."


Here's a compilation of my scenes as Johnny ​in


with Catherine Daddario, Lin Tuci, Sky Nelson, Shannon Wilson and John Rossi.

Written and Directed by Kat Gueli

​​". . . ​Mr. Gately's rumbling bonhomie . . ."​

-NY Times

​​"While Joe Gately as a sexually complacent shepherd is a visual and vocal treat."

-The Village Voice

"Joe Gately (another brilliant and comedic character actor) as Bill Austin is an audience favorite."

"Anchored by Joe Gately's charismatic star turn as the larger-than-life con man Starbuck, this 'Rainmaker' often soars on the strength of its performances alone."

-The Kansas City Star

"Gately is hilarious and very versatile in the double role of Dr. Scull and Sgt. Kirk Sponsullar."

-Desert News