October 20, 2021

​February 1, 2021

Spoiler Alert:

It might look like what has befallen

other characters played by Joe.  - (Click the link to find out)

March 18, 2020

Too bad
Westchester Broadway Theater had to shut down
And our production of 
was postponed after
'Cl-opening' Night
The Cue
really liked the show.

"Joe Gately
as Natalies' father brought a poignancy to his performance
as well as commanding vocals."


   Here's the promo video though

0:32 is a good place to pause 

March 5, 2020

​December 22, 2019

Here's the interview we did for Broadway and Main

​​December 1, 2019


March 25, 2019 

March 22, 2019


January 18, 2019

      Here's the promo for Human Error:

Here's an interview we did:  

​January 2, 2019​​​

November​ 22, 2018

In addition to many things, I am thankful to be a part of this

Wonderfully Talented Cast in this Joyous Production

Oh and the following reviews:

"His father Walter Hobbs, played by the great Joe Gately. . ."


"Walter Hobbs (the brilliantly blustery Joe Gately) is on…the naughty list. . ."

"Tension rolls off Gately in waves, and when Hobbs loses his temper, Gately fills the theater with powerful, roaring tirades."

". . .dad Walter Hobbs (Joe Gately), a stressed-out workaholic with little time for his wife. . ."

November 12, 2018

​October 21, 2018

June 11, 2018

Here's the promo for Mamma Mia:

(0.10 is a good place to pause)

And here are some of the reviews:

"Joe Gately (another brilliant and comedic character actor) as Bill Austin is an audience favorite."

". . .goofball Australian Bill Austin (Joe Gately)."  

"The wacky costuming of Bill (Joe Gately). . . "
(She didn't say she hated it)

May 21, 2018

January 22, 2018

​​June 5, 2017

May 10, 2017


February 22, 2017

Turns out there was one more review
Here are some of the best parts:

'But Joe Gately’s successful performance cemented Jackson’s persona as a lurking, intrusive, and crude potential murderer. It’s so impressive that the second character he plays is just the opposite.'

'As Sergeant Kirk Sponsüllar, Gately is valiant and heroic; his presence almost glows from his side of Daniel Meeker’s split set. Gately’s upright posture and sincere eye contact made the sheriff seem so much more handsome than Jackson.'

February 17, 2017

​To paraphrase one of my characters:

 I'm not a liberty to discuss the play, but if I were, I'd show you these reviews.

(I may, or may not, have highlighted what they said about me)
It's been a joyous experience working at this great theater with such a wonderful cast.
And the mountains are beautiful!

We run through February 25
So come on out and enjoy the fun.
'Gately is hilarious and very versatile in the double role of Dr. Scull and Sgt. Kirk Sponsullar.'
 -Deseret News

'The bright spots in the evening are Gately’s stiff, “there, there little lady” cop.'
 -Salt Lake Magazine

'Jackson (Joe Gately), whose jokes and affect are creepy.'
 -Salt Lake Tribune

'Joe Gately holds his own among the three women, showing impressive skills as he shifts between two completely contrasting characters.'
 -The Daily Utah Chronicle

January 14, 2017


March 8, 2016

​​November 20, 2015

​We're a hit!  Here's the review in Broadway World:​ 
'Gately brings Walter's flashes of insight a real presence as Walter grows into a human being rather than a corporate monster.'

​November 17, 2015


October 7, 2015

Here's the promo for Saturday Night Fever

Feel Free to pause at 0:29 to see the best part:

Here are some of the reviews:

Theater review: ‘Saturday Night Fever’ an entertaining flashback
Boogie down with Saturday Night Fever at the Ogunquit Playhouse
Theater Review: Boogie down with 'Saturday Night Fever'

​​May 16, 2015

​​June 16, 2014


Watch the Promo Here​

March 15, 2014

Review of Good People at The Public Theatre in Lewiston, ME:

Theater Review: South Boston not all bad in ‘Good People’

November 19, 2013

​Promo for God of Carnage at Northern Stage

​And the reviews:

Valley News -‘God of Carnage’: Bad Things Happen to the Best Sort of Parents

Vermont Today - 'God of Carnage' Goes for Laughs

​October 10, 2013

Review ofTimes Stands Still at Sonora Rep

'What I appreciated most about Gately’s performance was that he believably could turn his emotions on a dime'

April 25, 2011

'Century-Old Love Story With Fire as a Backdrop'

--The New York Times

October 15, 2010